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My friend Paul Gestwicki from Ball State University sent me a link describing a killer app. for the mobile phone. The app. mashes GPS and Map annotation to give the user an augmented experience of the objects around him. Here’s a clip from one of the companies, mobilizy.com, about their product Wikitude:

Paul sent me the link because at a recent Google workshop we’d brainstormed about an app. for creating ‘custom tours’ where GPS or barcodes are used to give the user info about objects and places around them.


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App Inventor for Android

Google is giving my class at USF 20 Android smart phones, with a goal of exploring the use of a new visual programming language tentatively called App Inventor for Android. The language (tool) is still restricted to Google’s trusted user program and the university professors they’ve invited for the project.

It’s basically a block language like Scratch for the Mobile Phone. One cool aspect, which I learned at a Google Workshop, is the way you use a barcode scanner on your phone to download a newly developed app. to the phone. Very cool.

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